WID-DOW Seminars (archive)

  WID-DOW Seminars ( Completed Fall 2014)

Sept 12, 2014

Title: Quo vadis MINLP?

By: Jon Lee, Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan


 WID-DOW Seminars Completed (Spring 2014):

May 5, 2014  

Title: Local Warming

By: Robert Vanderbei, Professor, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.

May 2, 2014  [Taylor Hall, Room 103 (12 – 1pm)

Title:  Modeling Electricity Markets Using Complementarity: Why It’s important (and Fun), & What’s Needed Next.

By: Benjamin Hobbs, Professor Geography and Environmental Engineering & Director, Environmental, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute, The John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Apr 28, 2014  (WID- Researchers Link [4:00 – 5pm]

Title: Stochastic Optimal Control of Natural Gas Networks: Scalable NLP Solvers and Economic Implications

By: Victor Zavala, Computational Mathematician, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL

Apr 14, 2014

Title: A Re-Examination of 20th Century Global Forest Carbon Emissions; Estimates from the Global Forest and Land Use Model

By: Brett Sohngen, Professor, Ohio State University

Apr 7, 2014 

Title: On Probabilistic Matching and Economic Allocation Models

By: Alex Anas, Professor, Depart. of Economics, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.

Mar 18, 2014

Title: Metabolic States with Maximal Specific Rate Carry Flux Through and Elementary Flux Mode

By: Meike Wortel, University of Amsterdam

Mar 10, 2014

Title: Towards a Self-Managed and Sustainable Power Grid Enabled by Distributed Decision Making

By: Gabrella Hug, Professor, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Jan 27, 2014

Title: On Fast Computers and their use in Engineering Applications

By: Daniel Negrut, Associate Professor & Director, Wisconsin Applied Computing Center, Electrical and Computing Engineering, UW-Madison

 WID-DOW Seminars Completed (Fall 2013):

Nov 11, 2013

Title: The Political Economy of Pricing and Capacity Decisions for Congestible Local Goods in a Federal State

By: Stef Proost, Professor, Center for Economic Studies, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium

Oct 28, 2013 

Title: Climate Change and Environmental Modeling with Mathematical Programming

By: Bruce McCarl, Distinguished Professor and Nobel Peace Prize participant, Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A &M, College Station, TX

Sept 16, 2013            

Title: Fast Network Flow Estimation and Optimization: Extracting Gradient Information from a Dynamic Traffic Simulation Engine

By:  Xuesong Zhou, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Arizona State University

Sept 30, 2013            

Title: From Big Data to Big Knowledge

By: Kevin Murphy (Researcher, Google Inc.)

Oct 10, 2013 

Title: Approximations and Relaxations of Power Flow Equations

By: Pascal Van Hentenryck (Professor, Computing and Information Services, University of Melbourne, Australia

Oct 14, 2013 

Title: Using Virtual Reality to Generate Naturalistic Contexts for Behavioral Research Trials

By: Elisabet (Lisa) Rutstrom (Professor and Director, Dean’s Behavioral Economics Laboratory, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

WID-DOW Seminars Completed (Spring 2013)

Mar 18, 2013                  

Title: Low-Rank Solutuion for non-linear Optimization over Graphs

By: Javad Lavaei, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

Api 26, 2013                    

Title: Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics

By: William (Bill) Sandholm, Professor, Department of Economics, UW-Madison

WID-DOW Seminars Completed  (Fall, 2012)

Dec 10, 2012                    

Title: Approximation in Mechanism Design

By: Shuchi Chawla, Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences, UW-Madison

Dec 3, 2012                   

Title: Brown Gold: The Smell of $$$$$                                   

By: Thomas Cox, Professor, Ag and Applied Economics, UW-Madison

Nov 19, 2012                  

Title: Optimization Problems Motivated by Hamiltonian Structure in Power System Dynamics

By: Christopher DeMarco, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UW-Madison

Nov 12, 2012                   

Title: Inferring Structure from Optimization Model Solutions

By: John Birge, Professor of Operations Management, University of Chicago

Nov 5, 2012                     

Title: General Equilibrium Ecosystem Modeling with Alternative Preference Specifications

By: Aaron Strong, Assistant Professor, School of Urban & Regional Planning, Public Policy Center and Department of Economics, University of Iowa

Oct 29, 2012                     

Title: Fast Numerical Methods for Mixed-Integer Nonlineiar Model Predictive Control

By: Christina Kirches, Mathematical and Computational Optimization, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany

Oct 22, 2012                   

Title: Confidentiality-Preserving Optimization in the Cloud

By: Parmesh Ramanathan, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UW-Madison

Oct 8, 2013                        

Title: Social and Task Interdependencies in the Frontline Implementation of Innovation

By: Spiro Maroulis, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs & Associate Director of Policy Informatics, Arizona State University

Oct 1, 2012                        

Title: Interaction Machine Learning in Music Performance and Composition

By: Rebecca Fiebrink, Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences and Music, Princeton, University

Sept 24, 2012                    

Title: Mathematically Correct Political Districting

By: Hayri Önal, Professor, Ag, Consumer & Environmental Science, University of Illinois

Sept 18, 2012                     

Title: Universal Laws and Architecture

By: John C. Doyle, Professor, Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Sept 10, 2012

Title: Branch-and-Cut Approaches for Change-Constrained Formulations of Reliable Network Design Problems

By: James Luedtke, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW-Madison

WID-DOW Seminars Completed (Spring 2012)

May 7, 2012                      

Title: Second-Order-Cone Constraints for Extended Trust-Region Sub-problems

By: Kurt Anstreicher, Professor, Department of Management Sciences, University of Iowa

Apr 23, 2012                   

Title: Involving Education through Modeling Learning Interactions with Digital Media

By: Benjamin Shapiro, Research Associate, Education Research Integration Area, UW-Madison

Apr 9, 2012                      

Title: Multi-scale Methods for Discrete Optimization Problems

By: Ilyo Safro, Argonne Scholar, Mathematics and Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

Mar 26, 2012                     

Title: Recent Progress on Algorithms and Cutting Planes for Convex Integer Programs

By: Daniel Dadush, Research Associate, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

Mar 19, 2012                      

Title: Channel Estimation in Wireless Communication in Almost Linear Time

By: Alexander Fish, Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, UW-Madison

Mar 12, 2012                     

Title: Optimal Power Flow and Demand Response

By: Steven H. Low, Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, California institute of Technology (CalTech), Pasadena, CA

Mar 5, 2012                        

Title: Robust Statistical Modeling for Geophysical Imaging and Kalman Smoothing

By: Aleksandr Aravkin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth & Ocean Science and Computer Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Feb 27, 2012                      

Title: The Interplay of Convexity and Algorithmic Algebra in Optimization and Systems Analysis

By: Amir Ali Ahmadi, Postdoctoral Associate, Lab of Information & Decision Systems and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

Feb 20, 2012                      

Title: Learning Networks in Biology: Opportunities and Challenges

By: Sushmita Roy, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, UW-Madison

Feb 13, 2012                      

Title: Topological Optimization

By: Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, UW-Madison

Feb 6, 2012                        

Title: Confidence Regions for Stochastic Variational Inequalities

By: Shu Lu, Assistant Professor, Statistics and Operation Research, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Jan 30, 2012                       

Title: Computational; Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

By: Jeffrey Linderoth, Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW-Madison

Jan 23, 2012                      

Title: Towards an Inductive Game Theory: Extracting Strategies and Causal Networks from Time-Series Data

By: Jessica Flack, Co-Director of Center for Complexity & Collective Computation, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW-Madison